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How Can I Use the Next Generation Campus Card System SoliClub with Tosla Privileges?

You can use your Tosla card as a school identity card on contracted campuses.

You can perform on-campus payment and access control transactions both with your SoliClub-defined Tosla card and with your smartphone.

With your Tosla card, you can shop anywhere in the world and follow all your transactions easily from the SoliClub application.

You can find detailed information on how to use it below.



Sign up

Download the SoliClub application for free from the markets, fill in the required information for membership, verify your phone and you are ready to log in. For detailed explanation pleaseclick.


Make On-Campus Transfers and Payments

You can make payments such as cafeteria, transportation, photocopying and gates that you need within the campus with your Tosla card or SoliClub mobile application. For detailed explanation pleaseclick.

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Suspended Food

With the Suspended Meals feature, you can take advantage of the suspended meals for free, or you can leave your meals on the hanger if you wish. For detailed explanation pleaseclick.


Always Win with Tosla Privileges

Take advantage of special offers and advantages for all your spendings with your Tosla ID card. To reviewclick.

Download SoliClub and this exclusive
take your place in the club!

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