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  • What is SoliClub?
    SoliClub is a mobile application that enables the digitalization of physical school ID cards on contracted university campuses. School ID cards of students registered to SoliClub are automatically defined in the application. In this way, students can access all the turnstiles in the school with their smart phones.
  • I'm a Sabancı University Student
    If you are a Sabancı University student, please click.
  • How Can I Download SoliClub Mobile App to My Smartphone?
    You can download the application from the Google Play application market for Android devices, from the Apple Store for IOS devices, and from AppGallery for Huawei devices. It is enough to write SoliClub in the search section of the relevant markets. You can also find the direct link of our application for the relevant markets below: Google Play: Apple Store: App Gallery:
  • How Can I Identify My School Identity Card to the App?
    After downloading the SoliClub mobile application to your smartphone, your school ID card is automatically defined in the application with the information you enter on the membership application screen for new members.
  • Is It Required To Be A Student To Use The SoliClub Mobile Application?
    SoliClub mobile application has been specially developed for university students and staff. For this reason, only students and staff of contracted universities can use it.
  • Can SoliClub Mobile Application Be Used in All Universities in Turkey?
    SoliClub mobile application can only be used on contracted university campuses. You can access contracted campuses from the university list on the membership application screen.
  • Why All SoliClub's Features Are Not Appearing When I Log In To The Application?
    Features used by universities in the SoliClub mobile application may differ. University administrations declare the features they want to use on their campuses and only those options are shown in the application for the relevant campus students.
  • How do I become a member of SoliClub?
    To become a member of SoliClub, you must click on the "I Want to Become a Member" button at the bottom of the screen that appears when the application is opened. Then you can become a member of SoliClub by entering the "University, Student/Register Number and Telephone Number" requested from you.
  • How Do I Login to SoliClub?
    To start using SoliClub, you will see the "Student Number / Registry Number / T.C. You must enter the university number/registry you are registered with and the password you set while registering in the "ID No" and "Password" boxes.
  • How Do I Define Cards to SoliClub?
    In order to define a card to SoliClub, you must first have an active membership. After logging in to your membership, you will be directed to the BKM Express page by clicking the "Add Card" button at the bottom of the application main screen. Since a BKM Express membership is required for the next steps, if you do not have an existing BKM Express membership, you should create one and log in with your information if you have one. Please note that "BKM Express membership and SoliClub membership are different memberships". You cannot log in to BKM Express with your current SoliClub membership. After logging in to your BKM Express membership, clicking the add card button and entering the necessary information, you will have added your debit/credit card to BKM Express and you will be able to use this card in SoliClub.
  • Is It Safe To Identify My Debit/Credit Card To SoliClub?
    SoliClub has an agreement with the Interbank Card Center, whose majority shareholder is the Central Bank. BKM Express product of BKM (Interbank Card Center) works integrated with SoliClub application. In this way, when you define your card information in the application, no one, including us, can see or access this information. All your information is stored and protected by BKM itself.
  • How Do I Eat With SoliClub?
    You must have a defined credit card in order to switch to the cafeteria with SoliClub. After defining your card, when you click on the blue button in the middle of the main screen, the camera where you can read the QR code will open. When you scan the QR code on the cafeteria turnstile with your device, the meal fee will be collected from your card that you added to BKM Express, namely SoliClub, and the turnstile will open.
  • How Can I Top Up My Campus Card with SoliClub?
    In order to top up your card with SoliClub, you must have an attached credit/debit card. If you have an attached card, you can top up your card by clicking the "Load Money" button at the bottom of the home page.
  • How Can I Delete My Card I Added to SoliClub?
    SoliClub works integrated with BKM Express for payment transactions and card identification. Your card information is not stored and used by SoliClub. For this reason, in order to remove your attached cards, you need to perform transactions on the BKM Express web page.
  • How can I use my Tosla School ID Card in SoliClub?
    With Tosla prepaid cards, you can use your Tosla card as a school ID card at partner campuses. For detailed information, click.
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