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1. Confirmation of the Contract

By filling out the user registration form, you can become a member of the SoliClub system via the SoliClub mobile application or through the websites containing the SoliClub service-related websites. Every SoliClub user, UTARIT BİLİŞİM HİZMETLERİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş. (“Utarit”) agrees and undertakes to comply with the provisions of this User Agreement (“Agreement”).

2. Services

SoliClub offers its users the opportunity to spend on the system from member merchants and pass through turnstiles, and other related services, through applications that can be developed on the internet, mobile phones or similar platforms.

3. SoliClub User System

Each SoliClub user has a "username" or e-mail address and a "password" to be determined by himself.

“Username” is unique to each member, as in e-mail addresses, and the same username is not given to different members.

“Password” is only within the knowledge of the relevant user. If the user password is forgotten, the SoliClub mobile application will send a link to the user's e-mail address registered in the SoliClub system on request to create a new password. Determining and protecting the password is the sole responsibility of the user and Utarit is not responsible for any problems or damages that may arise from the use of the password.

It will be able to reach SoliClub users through any communication channel that users share with the SoliClub system, including social media channels, and share various promotions, campaigns and similar information.

Utarit IT Services Inc. It owns all the intellectual rights of the data and data that will be created by the use of the system. With such information, Utarit may prepare reports containing demographic information without disclosing user membership information, or may use such information or reports itself, and may share these reports and/or statistics with business partners and third parties, with or without charge. These actions do not violate the provisions of the Utarit Privacy Policy.

4. Obligations of the User

While the user is using Utarit services, the information in the user registration form is correct and only one e-mail can be defined for each created Username, that the defined e-mail address cannot be changed, a new e-mail address can only be created on the SoliClub mobile application. can be defined if the user is created; In cases where this information is necessary, it is the responsibility of the person or third parties that may arise from the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the information (such as forgetting a password),

He/she is personally responsible for any action he/she makes with his/her "username" or registered e-mail address;

The copyright of the services and software provided by Utarit belongs to Utarit Bilişim Hizmetleri Anonim Şirketi, and will not reproduce or distribute these software in any way;

Not to access the services offered by SoliClub in a way other than and/or unauthorized manner determined by Utarit, and not to change the software in any way, not to use the ones that have been changed and to cover all material and moral damages that Utarit may suffer in case it does not comply with the aforementioned rules;

In accordance with the Regulation on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Sale and Presentation of Tobacco Products and Alcoholic Beverages and the relevant legislation, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are not sold through SoliClub strictly, not to supply tobacco products and alcoholic beverages through SoliClub, to cancel the membership and to cancel the membership of this Agreement. may result in termination;

Utarit cannot be held responsible for any damages that may occur due to unauthorized reading or use of user data;

Utarit will not be liable for any damages that may occur due to the unauthorized use, sharing or publication of user posts by third parties;

Not to use usernames, photos and nicknames that are threatening, immoral, racist, contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, international agreements, containing political messages, violating the intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties;

User names, photos, correspondence, subject titles and pseudonyms to be added to the environment are in accordance with general morality, etiquette and law; not contain political messages; and all publication, processing and reproduction, dissemination, representation, transmission to the public by means of sign, sound and/or image transmission, transfer and assignment rights to third parties regarding the aforementioned phrases, correspondence and photographs, numbered 5846 and dated 5.12.1951 All financial rights listed in the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works have been transferred to Utarit;

It will not misuse the services included in the SoliClub system or the systems and applications developed in connection with it, and will not act in any way that violates the rights of other users using this system or that it will not act in any way that violates the rights of other users who use this system, and that it is solely responsible for all damages that Utarit or the related user may suffer as a result of such abuse. and if such use is detected, Utarit states that this user has the right to close or limit his/her account on the relevant service, or to close or limit the user name, profile photo and similar parts of his account, or to terminate his SoliClub membership;

Utarit may monitor the entire system at any time or continuously;

Utarit has the right to take necessary actions, remove the user from the service and terminate his membership in case he violates the rules,

Utarit may use its system for commercial purposes;

Not to transmit information that is prohibited by law and not to share data that is not authorized to be sent, such as chain mail, software virus (etc.);

Not to record, disseminate, misuse the personal information of others;

It declares, undertakes and accepts that cookies (cookie/cookies) are used in the SoliClub system, that cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to the cookie file on the hard disk of the user's computer, that they allow users to navigate SoliClub and that they help to prepare content suitable for the needs of users accessing the site when necessary.

5. Powers Granted to Utarit

Utarit may temporarily suspend or stop the operation of the system at any time. Utarit may temporarily suspend or completely suspend the ability of relevant users to make payments via the Online Payment Method due to user transactions that raise security concerns. Utarit will have no liability to its users or third parties for temporary suspension or complete suspension of the use of the System or Online Payment Method.

Username or e-mail and password will be viewed and confirmed after completing the application fields provided by Utarit. SoliClub may exclusively prevent indefinitely the members who have filled out the user registration form or the users who log in to the SoliClub system from having a new password or using their password. SoliClub will take the necessary care to provide its services on time, safely and without errors, to ensure that the results obtained from the use of the service are accurate and reliable, and to ensure that the service quality meets the expectations, but does not undertake these. Utarit has the authority to back up and delete some or all of the files and messages that users will keep in the environment during their use of the system, in periods that it deems appropriate. Utarit will not be held responsible for backup and deletion. Utarit produces information, documents, software, designs, graphics, etc. that it produces and / or purchased from outside. owns and proprietary copyrights of the works.

SoliClub may turn the services that do not require user membership into one that requires membership, open additional services, change some of its services partially or completely, or turn it into a paid one over time. In this case, the user reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and leave the membership. Utarit may make changes in the implementation of this Agreement, amend existing articles or add new articles, provided that they are not to the detriment of users, in order to comply with future technical requirements and legislation.

6. Intended Use

Users will be able to make payments at contracted institutions through the SoliClub system, enable the opening of turnstiles, spend from all POS devices with Visa/Mastercard infrastructure, and benefit from the service by making payment and loading through the mobile application.

7. Payment

By using the Online Payment Method, users will be able to make instant online payments via other payment systems with a debit card, credit card or a similar payment tool. For payments made using the Online Payment Method option, if the card is used unlawfully by someone other than the holder, the Law on Bank Cards and Credit Cards No. 5464 of 23.02.2006 and About Debit Cards and Credit Cards published in the Official Gazette dated 10.03.2007 and numbered 26458. The procedure is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the regulation

8. Personal Data

The Law on the Protection of Personal Data of the personal data such as name, surname, e-mail address, phone number (“Personal Data/s”) shared with the data controller Utarit during the User Agreement while becoming a member of SoliClub and during his/her movements within the Website after membership. It accepts and declares that it expressly consents to its processing, transfer to third parties and abroad, within the framework of the principles set forth in the Articles of Association. The processing of Personal Data, its transfer to third parties and abroad is based on the legal relationship established between the User and Utarit. Personal Data may be processed by Utarit within the scope of this contractual relationship and by Utarit's contractual business partners for purposes such as marketing, analysis, statistics, transferred to third parties and abroad or used by anonymization.

9. Retention of Information and Obligation of Proof:

User information, orders, comments/reviews etc. registered in the Utarit system. Retained for a minimum of three (3) years, subject to the Utarit Privacy Policy. The data stored in the Utarit system and user records constitute binding and conclusive evidence in any dispute arising from the performance of this Agreement. This Agreement is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Ankara Central Court and Enforcement Offices are authorized to settle any dispute that may arise from the performance of the Contract.

10. Enforcement

This Agreement enters into force between the parties indefinitely after the user fills out the user registration form.

11. Legal information for users using SoliClub application with Aköde's Tosla product;

"Dear customer, pursuant to Article 15 of the Law No. 5549 on the Prevention of Laundering Proceeds of Crime, if you act on your own behalf but on the account of someone else in your transactions that require identification, you are obliged to notify Aköde in writing to whom you should act before making these transactions, and to act on behalf of someone else. However, we remind you that if you do not report this, you can be punished with imprisonment from 6 months and / or a judicial fine of up to 5000 days.

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